Ok, so there has been another turn of the Rules pot to address the problems and the safety of the athletes. This as well as the overall goal of creating consistency amongst referees and the understanding between, coaches, athletes and the referees.

Neil is on the front table now as one of the first Referee Supervisors nominated to the position and has created this clarification of the most important rules out there. Of course we cannot cover every situation as the game is organic and that's why we love it! However, we have done our best with the best of the trusted 'Voice of Judo', Neil Adams MBE.

IJF Referee Video Discussion Forum

Neil Adams, former World Champion, 2x Olympic Silver Medallist, IJF Hall of Fame inductee and IJF Expert, discusses here the recent rule changes and gives you a chance to discuss with him your thoughts on his analysis.

This is for educational purposes with a goal towards consistency and a solid agreremtn amongst referees, coaches & competitors.

Judo Excellence - Kuzushi & Morote Seoi Nage

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Please feel free to check out the other 40 throws of the traditional Gokyo found on our home page.

We hope you enjoy this video and that it helps you on your quest for technical excellence.

The NAEF Team