416 Legacy T Shirts

The Story of 416

 Maastricht, The Netherlands

September 4th, 1981

World Judo Championships

 It was a day that I felt super human. I woke up that morning knowing that I could beat anyone who dared to come in my way. It’s a funny feeling, really, as it only happens, I would guess, once in a blue moon.

In my mind, I was going to take the day and had no doubt in my mind.

On that day, 416 was my World title number.

On that day, 416 showed the World what I was capable of.

On that day, 416 began my judo legacy.

On this day, Let’s see what you can do!

416 Legacy T Shirt

416 is the number Neil wore that fateful day in 1981 when he became Britain's 1st World Champion. The number that changed the face of Judo in Britain. It now the name of his new merchadise line.

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