NA Coach Academy


So great to see you!

We're just so pleased to have you, a raring-to-go, hungry for knowledge, give me MORE, kind of coach come to visit and see what we have for you!

As you may well know, our man, Neil is very hot on the progressive nature of learning and we want to make sure you have started your judo journey with us in the most effective way (it is in our name you know!)

So make sure to visit our Essential Judo Training Pack to gain the fundamental knowledge, or even just to remind yourself and say, "Oh yeah! I forgot about that!" Guaranteed, it will help you in the following steps on our Quest together.

OK, so you are wanting to get on with it and find out what great information Neil has for you. We would love to show you, however, we are still putting on the finishing touches of the videos, making sure it's just right.

What we can tell you is that the 1st stage is called the NA KI Programme and is the first step on your NA Coaching Pathway. We can also tell you that there will be 3 levels to complete, each with their own unique benefits and set of skills. But hey, we've probably told you too much already! Please keep checking back for any updates or sign up on our e-newsletter & blog and Facebook page to get all of our news & views!

We can promise that it will take your Judo and that of your students to a different level, a Neil Adams level ;)