The 3Ts : Throws, Takedowns & Transition

The objective of our game in Judo is to get your opponent on their back for a full point or Ippon, and at the very least down to the floor where we can finish the match with a submission or hold down.

Here we learn the mechanics of throws and how they differ from a takedown. I will also look at how to control our opponent from each kind of attack into successful transitions into groundwork.

Available from March 1st, I will also include, as bonus content, exclusively here on this website, the video from my Live 3Ts event, which will be added to this product and available in early March 2022.

Hope you enjoy!


The 3 Ts : Throws, Takedowns & Transition

Throwing with precision and control is our game as well as having and knowing your Plan A, B, & C.
Many teach takedowns as throws. Here we will learn the difference, how they have evolved and adapted over the years and maybe most importantly, how to control the manoeuvre to maintain the advantage.