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Neil Adams MBE / Instructor

Neil Adams MBE is the World renowned 9th Dan Judoka who takes Martial Arts to a higher level. He has won many medals and competitions, including World Championships in 1981 and two Olympic Silver medals in Moscow 1980, and Los Angeles in 1984. He has been Olympic Coach for Great Britain and Belgium as well National Coach for Wales. He has now turned his expert hand to aiding those up and coming martial artists, providing technical advice and expertise on an individual basis. Mr Adams' goal is to provide an arena for every level of martial artist where they can gain technical knowledge and insight in an individual environment as well as on a competitive platform. Neil Adams Effective Fighting Ltd is a family owned, family run business. With wife, former Canadian Judo Olympian, Pan American & 7x Canadian Champion, Niki (Jenkins) and their 3 children, Ashley, Brooke & Taylor, they together are looking to raise the profile of Judo around the world and into every home.