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Essential Judo Training Pack

Everything long lasting in this world has a solid foundation. The Art & Sport of Judo is the same. Judo is based ...

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Judo Excellence - The Quest for Technical Excellence

Welcome to Neil Adams Effective Fighting and for joining me in my Quest for Technical Excellence.
I am Neil Ad...

$7.00 USD every month

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Judo Excellence: NEWAZA

Within this 33 video package you will learn the fundamentals of Newaza, creating the all-imporant solid foundation of...

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FREEBIES - BONUSES *Part of The Neil Adams Legacy Project

It's Finally Here  Finally a teaching tool and resource that can take your throwing technique to the next level...


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A Game of Throws (Deleted Written Sections and Gala Videos)

Now Available for Christmas here on the NAEF shop ready for signing by the man himself. At 24 Neil Adams was at...


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A Game of Throws - on Amazon

Neil's judo path has certainly been a journey and it was difficuly to include everything. So here we have it. Some s...

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Giant Inspirational Posters

Check out our Giant Neil Adams A0 posters (70cm x 100cm) that are perfect for your dojo, home gym or bedroom.

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416 Legacy T Shirts

The Story of 416  Maastricht, The Netherlands September 4th, 1981 World Judo Championships  It was a da...

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Neil Adams Battle Belts - Portable Power

Mobile Power Circuit trainers that give you the same power as the big battle ropes but with less storage space, no sc...

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Judo Training Equipment (Shipping incl)

Welcome to NAEF specialised Judo Equipment! For the past few years we have been researching the needs of Judoka...

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Join the Quest for Technical Excellence

Essential Judo Training Pack

Build a solid foundation of skills and knowledge with these easy to follow steps

Judo Excellence

The traditional Art & Sport of Judo are based on 40 fundamental throws and 20 groundwork techniques. Create your excellence for your class or for your own grading with each technique broken down into teachable, consumable points

NA Coach Academy

We take the responsibility of coaching very seriously. This 3 level professional development program for coaches shouts out quality, progressive instruction for your students

Champion Training Equipment

Tricks of the trade are found in the use of Neil's specialised training equipment, developed specifically for the sport with added benefits for fitness and injury prevention

Voice Talent

Known as The Voice of Judo for over 25 years, Neil Adams expert commentary & analysis is second to none. His warm, neutral tone & accent make him accessible to all and a firm favourite for narratives.


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