Judo Excellence - The Quest for Technical Excellence

Welcome to Neil Adams Effective Fighting and for joining me in my Quest for Technical Excellence.
I am Neil Adams, former World Champion, double Olympic medallist and 8th Dan in Judo and 
I’ve been waiting for you.

I’ve been waiting for someone like you to come along, who, like me, has the same passion for martial arts, the hunger to learn and the yearning to be the best they can be.

So now here you are!

Congratulations for starting on your Quest for Excellence and Thank You for selecting me as the one to lead you on that journey.

I am ready to pass on my 30+ years of knowledge in the competitive and developmental arenas as my Legacy to you and help you, help me, pass this knowledge on to others. 

On our journey we will need to go back to the basics, to things we take for granted. My Judo is based on building blocks of skills and in order to succeed in our quest, we need to build & maintain a solid foundation. I’m looking forward to those light bulb moments that you will have, and know that this will be a path of enlightenment for you.

Yours in Judo,


*subscriptions are on a monthly basis and payments can be cancelled at any time. Video viewing will be honoured in accordance with the purchase.

The Complete Judo Excellence Gokyo -All 41 Techniques

All the throws and Neil's instructions at your finger tips, no matter where you are or in which dojo!

* Expert instruction from over 30+ years of coaching experience.

* Amazing video content designed to help you with your lesson planning or grading review

* A FREE KUZSHI video of the most important element of throwing

* All 41 throws - step by step instruction on Kumi Kata (Gripping), Body Positioning, Head Positioning, Feet Positioning, Possible obstacles & How to Correct them.
* Continual BONUS Material - Neil Adams, The Voice of Judo, provides match commentary & fight anaylsis 
* A FREE KUZUSHI video of best kept secrets
* special price for both programmes ensuring progression of every Judoka

Essential Judo & Judo Excellence Combi Annual Deal

Get the Power to BE More!

This is Neil's complete Technical Pathway inlcuding Step 1 - ESSENTIAL JUDO, showing you the major, fundmental skills essentially needed for our sport. Use this as a way to get started or as a review to make sure you have all the bases covered in your teaching and lessons plans.

Step 2  - JUDO EXCELLENCE is putting those essential skills into techniques that have been practiced for over 100 years and together create the solid foundation of Tachiwaza (throwing techniques). And for a full year!

Never before has their been as progressive a technical pathway in Judo, and you are learning it from one of the best Judo technicians in the world.

Take your Judo to the next level. With training aids Neil has also developed, follow all these step by step instructions to create your own successful Judo journey.

Judo Excellence - Kuzushi & Morote Seoi Nage

This is an introductory offer with a FREE video on Kuzushi and a trial technique MOROTE SEOI NAGE

Please feel free to check out the other 40 throws of the traditional Gokyo found on our home page.

We hope you enjoy this video and that it helps you on your quest for technical excellence.

The NAEF Team